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281.491.2331 13839 West Bellfort Street Sugar Land, TX
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PulseInject Meet Our Revolutionary New Odorizer A Breath of FRESH AIR Tired of smelly odorant pump maintenance? Our innovative pumpless PulseInject™ takes the stink out of odorant injection. PulseInject OdorXice Plus Pass the Sniff Test Don’t mask odors caused by mercaptan, sulfide, and thiophene—eliminate them with this non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-corrosive solution. OdorXice Plus CleanFlow From Pipeline to Power Supply Let Welker make the connection between your natural gas pipeline and your pneumatic instrument. CleanFlow LS-14 Collect, mix, and maintain large volumes of a representative composite sample with a single system. All-In-One Solution LS-14 TCC Optimum Convenience at Your Hands The TCC Optimum™ is the only DOT and Transport Canada crude oil container on the market. TCC Optimum Certifications

Manufacturing Ideas.

A leader in the manufacturing industry specializing in oil and gas sampling equipment.

Welker is your one stop shop for all your natural gas sampling and odorization equipment needs.

We provide convenience and reliability with our crude oil equipment. We manufacture the lightest DOT and TC approved container on the market.

We provide sampling equipment for light liquids in compliance with ASTM, GPA, and ISO.

Product Design

We design our products to be the most effective solution without compromising the user experience. We design our products with performance, safety, and convenience in mind.

Welker Customer Service

Customer Service

Our sales team is readily available to work with you during the discovery process to ensure you are comfortable with your Welker purchase.

Product Service

The Welker customer experience extends beyond the purchase of our product. Our service department provides applied knowledge and expertise to installation, operation, and maintenance of Welker products.

Featured Welker Systems

Welker provides complete solution systems for your special case application. We know no boundaries.


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