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Bye-Bye, Byproduct: Welker’s Scale-X™ Dissolves Dithiazine Scale for Easy Removal

WELKER > News > Bye-Bye, Byproduct: Welker’s Scale-X™ Dissolves Dithiazine Scale for Easy Removal

Preorder Company’s New Cleaners to Keep Valves, Instrumentation, and More Clean

Sugar Land, Texas – 14 October 2020 – Welker, Inc. today made available for preorder Scale-X™ Dithiazine Remover and Grime-X™ Multipurpose Cleaner, two quality cleaning products formulated to solve common oil and gas industry problems.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a naturally occurring contaminant commonly found in hydrocarbon streams. Highly toxic, highly flammable, and corrosive, H2S poses serious health, safety, and environmental concerns, and its presence can negatively impact operations. To remove small quantities of H2S from natural gas streams, liquid scavengers are an inexpensive and effective solution. But triazine, a frequently used liquid scavenger, has a negative side effect: the formation of problematic solids.

As triazine scavengers react with H2S, dithiazine solids form, accumulating in low points and plugging valves and instrumentation. This buildup can interrupt normal operations and result in significant downtime for removal. Off-the-shelf chemicals have proven to be ineffective against this byproduct, and technicians have had to resort to manual scraping and scrubbing—until now. When affected valves and instrumentation are treated with Welker’s Scale-X™, this specially formulated cleaner immediately starts breaking down dithiazine deposits so they can be easily wiped away.

“Byproducts of H2S scavengers have been an issue in the industry for years,” said Project Manager Jorge Campos. “On several occasions, dithiazine has been found in downstream transmission and distribution pipeline systems. Knowing what a headache this is for our customers and the industry, we set out to find a solution to control and remove this scavenging byproduct.”

Wanting to further serve the technicians and operators in the oil and gas industry, Welker asked their Service team for their number one pet peeve. The overwhelming response? On-the-job cleanup. To simplify and speed up cleanup, Welker developed Grime-X™ a professional-strength general-purpose cleaner. Able to quickly cut through oil, grease, and stains, Grime-X™ is an effective way to keep machines, equipment, tools, and work sites clean.

To learn more or to preorder Scale-X™ and Grime-X™, please contact Welker, Inc. at sales@welker.com or 281-491-2331.

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For additional information, contact Marketing Manager Katrina Catral at 281-207-2018 or katrina.catral@welker.com.

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