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Cutting Carbon: A New Injection System for Hydrogen Blending Applications

WELKER > News > Cutting Carbon: A New Injection System for Hydrogen Blending Applications

Welker’s Proven Technology Meets the Needs of a Changing Industry

Sugar Land, Texas – 08 March 2021 – In response to increasing decarbonization efforts by the oil and gas industry, Welker, Inc. today introduces the ECOsystem™ Pumpless Injection System, an automatic injection system designed to inject precise volumes of hydrogen into natural gas pipelines.

An increasing number of pilot projects in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and now North America are testing the effects of hydrogen on metallic materials and end-user appliances, among other things, as governments and businesses look toward the future of energy. Adding hydrogen to natural gas (aka blending) is seen as a way to gradually transition to hydrogen fuel using existing infrastructure, make hydrogen more economical, and achieve decarbonization goals.

Because the United States has an extensive network of natural gas pipelines, American utilities seeking to cut carbon from their electric portfolios—either in response to clean energy policies or their own initiatives—are experimenting with injecting hydrogen into their natural gas grids to generate power and heat and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For some end-use appliances and systems, natural gas blends with low concentrations of hydrogen are acceptable and do not require modification. Therefore, introducing precise volumes of hydrogen is key, and that is where the Welker ECOsystem™ comes in.

“As the natural gas industry evolves to become greener, increased attention is being paid to injecting hydrogen gas into the pipeline to improve combustion,” said Stephen Sams, PE, Welker’s Director of Business – Odorization. “Because hydrogen blending is still new, the general public may have concerns about its safety. The proven technology of the ECOsystem™ gives the public and suppliers the assurance that hydrogen levels will be maintained within safe and appropriate limits.”

The ECOsystem™ uses proven technology from Welker’s pumpless odorization systems and a proprietary program with real-time verification to consistently inject hydrogen proportional to flow into natural gas lines. Simple and with few moving parts, the ECOsystem™ is the reliable, low-maintenance hydrogen delivery system the industry is looking for to meet the needs of the clean energy future.

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