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Cease the Release: ECOsystem™ Liquid is Welker’s Newest Zero-Emissions Odorizer

WELKER > News > Cease the Release: ECOsystem™ Liquid is Welker’s Newest Zero-Emissions Odorizer

Proven Technology Helps Natural Gas Industry Reduce Methane Emissions

Sugar Land, Texas – 12 April 2022 – Welker, Inc. today announces the addition of a third environmentally-friendly system to its odorization portfolio. The ECOsystem™ Liquid Pumpless Injection System is a hybrid of Welker’s flagship odorizers, featuring the proven technology of the standard ECOsystem™ and the accuracy and verification of the Accu/Line™. This new zero-emissions odorization system is designed for consistent proportional to flow odorization for flow rates from 1 Mscfh up to 8.5 MMscfh.

Methane (CH4), the primary component of natural gas, is a short-lived but potent greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere. Because reductions in methane emissions would have a relatively quick, positive effect on the climate, a growing number of companies across different industries are taking action. In the natural gas industry, companies, utilities, and municipalities committed to reducing or eliminating emissions can upgrade existing equipment or install improved technology at new facilities. To help them reach their goals, Welker offers smart, zero-emissions turnkey odorization systems as an alternative to traditional pump-style odorizers that vent methane and to other zero-emissions odorizers with high power requirements.

“Zero-emissions odorizers are becoming increasingly important,” said Steve Sams, PE, Welker’s Director of Business – Odorization. “Welker was way out in front with the ECOSystem™ Pumpless Vapor Injection System. Due to some of the inherent limitations of vapor injection, we saw a need to develop a zero-emissions liquid injection system. The ECOsystem™ Liquid does not need the on-site AC power or backup generator (with its associated emissions) required for other zero-emissions odorizers on the market.”

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