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inFlow ACE

inFlow™ ACE Crude Oil Sampler

The Welker® inFlow™ ACE Isokinetic Crude Oil Sampler takes representative samples from the pipeline in accordance with industry standards API 8.2 and ISO 3171.

TCC Optimum™

The Welker TCC Optimum™ Transportable Crude Oil Container is designed for ease of use when collecting and transporting sampled product. The light weight of the TCC Optimum™ reduces the physical […]
TCC Optimum


The Welker GSS-4PM Composite Gas Sampler extracts a sample from the flowing product in the pipeline and uses positive displacement to capture a representative sample.


The Welker IRA-4SS Probe Regulator is designed to regulate a gas sample stream without interrupting pipeline flow. With AI Control™, the probe automatically inserts and retracts using pipeline pressure.
Liquid Sampling System

Liquid Ethane/Propane Sampling Systems

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Welker has been awarded the delivery of three Composite Liquid Ethane/Propane Sampling Systems to end user Kinder Morgan.
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