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The Welker LSSM-1PM is a self-purging positive displacement pump designed to take quality samples proportional to flow or time. Connect a controller signal, pneumatic supply, and sample container to this […]


Convert on-site natural gas into a convenient and cost-effective power source for your pneumatic instruments.
CleanFlow Plus

IntelliScent™ Odorant Monitor

Why wait for a monthly sniff test? Ensure your distribution system is properly odorized at all times: install Welker’s IntelliScent™ Odorant Monitor to frequently and objectively measure odorant levels.

Sample Probe

Spot sampling or composite sampling. Liquid or gas. The Welker SP Sample Probe can do it all. Extending into the center third of the pipeline, the probe extracts the most […]
Sample Probe


Integrate Welker’s LS-14 Constant Pressure Sample Container into your composite sampling system to collect and retain representative samples of light liquid products for accurate laboratory analysis and billing.
LS-14 Light Liquid Container
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