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Essentials™ Injection Odorizer

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Essentials Injection Odorizer

Economical Odorization

Welker’s low-cost, proportional to flow injection odorization system for applications with low odorant usage that do not require direct odorant measurement.

The Right Fit

Compact Footprint

Where space is at a premium, the Essentials™ will fit right in. Whether it’s equipped with a 10- or 30‑gallon odorant supply tank, the entire system comes mounted on a 24” x 28” skid.

Far Out

Remote Access

When on-site monitoring of the Essentials™ at the LCD display isn’t practical, conveniently monitor system performance from the control room via a Modbus connection. For locations without an electrical supply, a solar panel can be added to power the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). 


Essentials Injection Odorizer
 Essentials Injection Odorizer
Electrical ConnectionController (Optional): DC 24 V
Solar Panel (Optional)
Injection Volume0.25 - 7.50 cc
OperationSSO-9MED: Piston-Operated
Operating Pressure200 psig @ -4 °F to 120 °F