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inFlow™ Crude Oil Sampler

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In The Thick Of It

With a forty-year track record of accurate, reliable, and repeatable results, the Welker inFlow™ Crude Oil Sampler is the sample extractor for most main line sampling applications. Inserted into the center one-third of your conditioned pipeline, the inFlow™ collects isokinetic samples of condensate, crude oil, and other liquid hydrocarbons. With an adjustable insertion length, optional automatic insertion, and four collection heads to choose from, there’s an inFlow™ poised to take advantage of your process conditions.

inFlow Crude Oil Sampler
API Chapter 8.2
ASTM D4177
ISO 3171
Power Up

Double-Acting Piston Motor

The inFlow™ is a reciprocating positive displacement probe sampler. The pumping power of the piston motor is enough to overcome the reliefs to push the full sample volume through to the container every time. High-viscosity products won’t get left behind—the pneumatic or hydraulic pressure on the piston generates enough force to sample thick oils. This double-acting pump is capable of collecting up to 15 grabs per minute for a more representative composite sample.

Insertion Style & Length

Insertion Options

Install the inFlow™ to a 2” pipeline isolation valve to insert and retract the shaft without draining your pipeline.

inFlow Insertion

Hands On

When pipeline depressurization isn’t an option, manually insert the inFlow™ against line pressures up to 40 psig. Lower the line pressure to safely retract the inFlow™.

AI Control™

Insert and retract the inFlow™ without any additional equipment. AI Control™ ensures safe, smooth automatic insertion and retraction of the probe at full pipeline pressure.

Adjustable, Adaptable

Manual or automatic, every inFlow™ has an adjustable insertion length. Reach the center third of multiple pipeline diameters with the same sample extractor.

Insertion Shaft Feature & Option

Clearing the Way

Contamination Prevention

Plug & Purge

A complete composite sample is key to sample representativeness and cross-contamination prevention. This has influenced the design of our inFlow™ from the start. The inFlow™ comes standard with a Welker Volume Eliminator, which reduces excess volume inside the insertion shaft. The smaller internal volume minimizes sample retention, keeping residual sample at a minimum.

If you want to meet the latest recommendation of API 8.2 and ASTM D4177, swap the Volume Eliminator for a Welker Purge Tube. This change allows you to purge trapped liquid product from the collection head to the sample container. Be assured your composite sample is representative of the entire batch and that no samples remain to contaminate subsequent batches. Achieve a proper purge and automate the purge process with a Welker Plug & Purge™ Automatic Purging System.

Vanishing Act

Unique Collection Head

Vanishing Chamber™

0.22 cc, 0.5 cc, 1.0 cc, or 1.5 cc

Capture set volumes of sample with the Vanishing Chamber™ collection cup. Each actuation of the sample pump voids the collection cup, fully displacing the sample into the connected sample container.

Different Strokes

Piston-Style Collection Heads

B-Style Collection Head

0.5 cc, 1.0 cc, 1.5 cc, 2.0 cc

Does your application involve extreme temperatures, high pressures, or chemical contaminants? The B-Style collection head is up to the challenge! Even under such harsh conditions, this piston-style collection head fully displaces fixed volumes of sample into the connected sample container.

C-Style Collection Head

0–12 cc or 10–30 cc

The adjustable volume of the C-Style Collection Head allows you to set your inFlow™ from 0–12 cc or from 10–30 cc to suit your sampling requirements. Capable of collecting such large sample grabs, the C-Head is a fitting choice for sampling small volume batches delivered at high flow rates. Use the Welker Checkpoint™ Sample Bite Verification Panel to confirm your collection head setting and actual grab volume.

D-Style Collection Head

0–2 cc, 0–5 cc, 3–7 cc, or 5–12 cc

Take your pick: The D-Head offers four adjustable sample volume ranges so you can select the best fit for your application. With the two larger ranges of sample volumes, the sampler does not have to be operated as fast as similar samplers, which in turn prevents wear and tear. Use the Welker Checkpoint™ Sample Bite Verification Panel to confirm your collection head setting and actual grab volume.

Point of No Return

Backflow Protection

A companion to the collection head, the inline relief protects sample representativeness during fluctuations in pipeline pressure. Acting as a check valve, the inline relief keeps your samples in the sample container. If pipeline pressure drops, rest assured sample won’t flow from your container back to the pipeline. With the optional sand reliefs, you can sample product containing basic sediment and water (BS&W) without putting extra wear and tear on your sampler.


inFlow Crude Oil Sampler
Materials of Construction316/316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts, Carbon Steel Lubricator Body, PTFE, Buna
Non-Wetted Seals, and Viton® Wetted Seals
Others Available
Pipeline Connection Size: 2"
Rating: 150, 300, or 600 ANSI RF
Others Available
Sample Outlet Connection1/4" FNPT
Motor Housing¼" FNPT (Standard)
Insertion Length0–18"
Others Available
Utility RequirementsHydraulic or Pneumatic Supply for Motor Operation: 50 psig

Inert Gas Supply for Purge Operation: ¼" FNPT Connection (Optional)
Sample VolumeB-Style Collection Head: 0.5 cc, 1.0 cc (Standard), 1.5 cc, or 2.0 cc
C-Style Collection Head (Long Motor): 10–30 cc
C-Style Collection Head (Short Motor): 0–12 cc
Operating Pressure D-Style Collection Head (Long Motor): 3–7 cc (½" piston) or 5–12 cc (¾" piston)
D-Style Collection Head (Short Motor): 0–2 cc (½" piston) or 0–5 cc (¾" piston)
Vanishing Chamber™ Collection Cup: 0.22 cc, 0.5 cc, 1.0 cc, or 1.5 cc
FeaturesExternal Adjustable Relief
Internal Relief
Welker Volume Eliminator
OptionsExternal Sand Relief
Packing Adjustment Nut
Purge Tube
Operating Pressure150 ANSI Stainless Steel: 275 psig @ -20 °F to 100 °F
150 ANSI Carbon Steel: 285 psig @ -20 °F to 100 °F
300 ANSI Stainless Steel: 720 psig @ -20 °F to 100 °F
300 ANSI Carbon Steel: 740 psig @ -20 °F to 100 °F
600 ANSI Stainless Steel: 1440 psig @ -20 °F to 100 °F
600 ANSI Carbon Steel: 1480 psig @ -20 °F to 100 °F
2" MNPT: 2160 psig @ -20 °F to 120 °F
Others Available