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The Welker IR-4 Instrument Regulator is designed to provide an adequate output pressure for devices that are unable to sustain high pressures. Pressure is reduced as it travels from the regulator’s inlet port to its outlet port. In order to set the desired output pressure, an adjusting screw on the device is tightened, pushing down on a spring inside the device. The spring then pushes down on a piston or diaphragm, which, in turn, pushes against a poppet. When high pressure is applied to the regulator’s inlet port, the poppet is moved up, allowing only the set amount of pressure to pass through the device.



IR-4 instrument Regulator
Materials of Construction316/316L Stainless Steel, Buna-N®, Kel-f®, PTFE, Viton®
Sample Inlet Connection1/4" NPT
Sample Outlet Connection1/4" NPT
Auxiliary Connections1/4" NPT
Maximum Allowable Inlet Pressure3600 psig @ -20 °F to 100 °F
Output Range0-200 psig @ -20 °F to 100 °F