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LNG System

Patented Design

The Welker LNG sample system facilitates the vaporization and conditioning of a sample of LNG from its liquid state to a gaseous state in compliance with the International Standards for LNG sampling.

ISO 8943

Revolutionary LNG Design

While other LNG probes and systems rely on maintaining temperatures up to the vaporization stage, which could cause potential compositional separation and fallout, the Welker LNG probe eliminates this possibility.  The patented check valve design allows for small amounts of LNG to enter the sample system at the probe tip and immediately begin the gasification process. This not only eliminates the possibility of heavier components escaping the system and returning back into the process, it also greatly reduces the line pack and increases measurement accuracy and timeliness of results. This patented check valve design is an innovation in LNG sampling application and is yet another example of Welker products leading the way in the sampling industry.

LNG Probe
US Patent 8,347,694

Patented Check Valve Design

Welker’s patented check valve design allows the vaporization process to begin within seconds of entering the tip of the probe. This strategic placement allows for an accurate sample with a more efficient process.

Patented Design

Welker’s revolutionary LNG system design is in a class of its own. A superior system in efficiency, design, and accuracy, Welker’s raising the bar of possibilities.