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High-Volume Accumulator Vessel

Integrate Welker’s LS-14 Constant Pressure Sample Container into your composite sampling system to collect and retain representative samples of light liquid products for accurate laboratory analysis and billing.

LS-14 Supply Tank
Contents Under Pressure

Representative Composite Samples

The connected 220 ft3 inert gas supply tank applies and maintains constant pressure on the sample. No pressure drop during sample collection protects against phase change and ensures sample integrity.

Mixing it Up

Homogeneous Samples

Combat stratification and separation with the push of a button. Repeatedly actuate the built-in mixer to achieve a uniform mix for accurate analysis of retention samples.

LS-14 Push Button Actuation
LS-14 Compact Footprint
Space Saving System

Small Footprint

When space is at a premium, the 36” x 22” x 2” Mod Skid™ is the perfect fit. The lifting lug makes container installation and relocation easy. The center mast allows you to easily customize your composite sampling system. Detachable system components can be removed and serviced individually and quickly, minimizing downtime.


Easy Maintenance

No special tools are required to maintain the LS-14, which can be removed from the Mod Skid™ for on‑site maintenance.

Multipurpose Piston

Superior Design

The internal floating piston serves three purposes: volume indication, contamination prevention, and environmental protection.

Volume Indication
Contamination Prevention
Environmental Protection

As the container fills with the sampled product, the piston moves, allowing product level to be easily monitored on site by referring to the graduated scale. A magnetostrictive level indicator can be added to communicate product level to a connected Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or other signal control system for remote monitoring.

As the container is emptied, the piston wipes the cylinder walls clean and forces out any air and/or contaminants, preventing cross-contamination between sample batches.

After subsamples have been collected, pre-charge pressure pushes remaining product back to the pipeline, ensuring no product is emitted to the atmosphere.


LS-14 Light Liquid Sampling System
Materials of Construction316/316L Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, PTFE, Viton®
Composite Sample Draw-Off Connection1/4" FNPT
Sample Inlet Connection1/4" FNPT
Container Volume Options3 US Gallons at 80%
5 US Gallons at 80%
Operating Pressure2160 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 100 °F
Sample Pump OptionsMPS-2
Skid Options12" x 12" Mounting Plate
36"x22"x2" Mod Skid™ With Center Mast and Lifting Lug
Sample Volume0.22 cc
Industry StandardsComplies with API 8.2, ASM D1265, ASTM D4177, GPA 2174, ISO 3171, and ISO 4257