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A Cut Above

The Welker LSS-1F is a self-purging positive displacement pump with 2” pipe spool and integrated static mixer designed to take quality samples of low flow liquid hydrocarbon streams proportional to flow or time. Connect a controller signal, pneumatic supply, and constant pressure container with internal mixer to this inline sample pump and you’ve got a complete liquid sampling system ideal for accurate water cut measurement.

Never Settle

Pipeline Conditioner + Sampler

Condition and sample with a single piece of equipment. The static mixer design and flowing velocity of the stream create turbulence, which results in a homogeneous mixture. In close downstream proximity, the sample pump collects a representative sample before water can begin to settle out of the stream.

In Full Flow

Isokinetic Samples

Install the LSS-1F in a vertical run of pipe downstream of your separator to avoid water traps and ensure adequate flow to the sample pump. With the sample pump in the main line, the stream flows directly through the sample chamber, improving sample representativeness.

Isokinetic Samples
In Line
Vanishing Act

Unique Collection Head

Capture set volumes of sample in real-time with the Vanishing Chamber™ collection cup. Each actuation of the sample pump voids the collection cup, fully displacing the sample into the connected sample container.


LSS-1F Sample Pump
Materials of Construction316/316L Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Viton®, PTFE
Pipeline Connection 2"- 150RF or 2"- 600RF
Sample Outlet Connection1/4" MNPT
Pneumatic Supply Connection1/4" FNPT
Pneumatic Supply Pressure65 psig - 100 psig
Operating Pressure 1480 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 100 °F