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Portable Odorizer

Portable Odorizer

Expect the Unexpected

Welker’s compact portable injection odorizer is your safeguard against emergency interruptions to operation. The Portable Odorizer provides temporary, time-based odorization for flow rates up to 6.5 MMscfh and pipelines with a maximum operating pressure of 2000 psig.

Where to Use

  • Pickling (Pipe Conditioning)
  • Temporary Odorization
  • Emergency Odorization
Buying Time

Quick & Easy

When your primary odorizer is down, time is of the essence. Connect the POC quickly with minimal effort using the flexlines with quick-connects. No auxiliary gas is required; use unodorized upstream gas, which is conditioned by the Welker F-19 Filter Dryer, to supply the pneumatic timer and apply blanket pressure to the customer-supplied odorant supply tank.

A Handy Solution

Modular & Portable

Mounted on a two-wheel hand truck, the POC has a relatively small footprint, which allows it to be stored when not in use. Made from strong, lightweight, and rust resistant material, the hand truck can be easily navigated across bumpy terrain without looking any worse for wear. A foldup step provides a convenient platform for the customer-supplied odorant supply tank, keeping system connections short for optimal operation.


Portable Odorizer
 Portable Odorizer
Electrical ConnectionController (Optional): DC 12 V
Solar Panel (Optional): DC 12 V
Solenoid (Optional): DC 12 V
Injection VolumeBIP-1: 0.5 - 3 cc
BIP-3: 1-9 cc
OperationBIP: Piston-Operated
Operating Pressure2000 psig @ -20 °F to 120 °F