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Sampling large batches of crude oil? The volume needed for a truly representative composite sample is likely too much for a transportable container. When you factor in the stratification that occurs over lengthy sample periods, local mixing is a must. Meet both of these needs with the Welker SCC Stationary Crude Oil Container. A stationary sample container and closed loop mixing system in one, collect and mix your sample with a single piece of equipment.

Available in seven capacities, there’s an SCC suitable for your sample batch size. Use the integral mixer to homogenize the sample before collecting a representative subsample for basic sediment and water (BS&W) measurement.

Data SheetSCC Data Sheet
Complies WithAPI Chapter 8, ASTM D4057, ASTM D4177, ASTM D5854, ISO 3170, ISO 3171
Checking All the Boxes

Standards-Driven Design

Standards are developed for a reason, and they’re the reason behind our design. Representative samples matter to you, so they matter to us. The key features of our SCCs meet the requirements of API, ASTM, and ISO to help you maintain representativeness from collection to analysis.

Rounded Bottom

  • No pockets or dead spots to bias the sample
  • Facilitates mixing and complete sample withdrawal

Bottom Suction Port & Top Return Port

  • Homogenize the sample and clean the container with the integral closed loop mixing system

Internal Spray Bar

  • Evenly disperses components during mixing for representative subsamples
  • Evenly disperses solvent for thorough cleaning

Hinged Fully Opening Lid

  • Facilitates inspection and cleaning
  • Protects samples from contamination and maintains sample integrity

Pressure Relief Valve

  • Protects the container from overpressurization

Vacuum Breaker

  • Prevents cavitation during mixing
  • Prevents a vacuum from forming during sample withdrawal

Pressure Gauge

  • On-site pressure indication

Fill Volume Monitoring

  • Full-length sight glass for on-site monitoring
  • Optional high-level switch for remote monitoring
Security Blanket

Internal Non-Stick Coating

An inert epoxy coats the inside of ever SCC. This smooth sealant prevents the absorption and adsorption of contaminants and protects the container from corrosion. Unable to stick to the coated interior, water can’t avoid being mixed into the sample, so you can be confident in the accuracy of your water cut measurements. The non‑stick coating makes container cleanup in preparation for the next sample batch easier.

SCC Coat
Mixing Multiplied

Static Mixer + Circulation System

Mixing is an art. Undermix and your sample isn’t homogeneous or representative. Overmix and you risk emulsifying your sample. Achieve the proper mix with the SCC. Combining the kinetic energy of an inline static mixer with the external energy of an electric motor and pump, the SCC homogenizes immiscible fluids to avoid sample bias.

To the Point

Convenient Subsample Draw Off

After homogenizing your sample, time is of the essence. Collect a subsample directly from the SCC at the draw off valve while the sample is being mixed before it has time to separate. Use an intermediate container such as the Welker TCC Transportable Crude Oil Container to transport your subsample to the lab for remixing and analysis.

Easy Maintenance
Triple Threat

Container, Mixer, and Cleaner In One

Add benefit, not bulk. The sample container and connected mixing system are mounted on a single skid. After mixing and subsampling, drain any remaining product and add solvent to the sample container. Run the mixer a second time to circulate solvent and clean the mixing system and container.