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281.491.2331 13839 West Bellfort Street Sugar Land, TX
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Cleaning & Maintenance

MerCapture™ Kit

Effectively neutralize and trap the smell of odorant for odor-free transport and shipping.


Welker’s Grime-X™ is a professional-strength general purpose cleaner tough enough for industrial applications but safe enough to use at home. Able to quickly cut through oil, grease, and stains, Grime-X™ is the perfect sidekick for rapid cleanup on the job.


Welker’s Scale-X is an acidic cleaner and descaler specially formulated to dissolve dithiazine from valves and instrumentation to optimize flow performance.

Spill Kit

Welker’s solution for emergency response to liquid odorant spills.

WelkerScope® Lite

The WelkerScope® Lite is a liquid gel illuminated inspection device that provides a means of inspecting meter tubes or other piping configurations without having to disassemble them.

OdorXice™ Plus

OdorXice™ Plus is based on patented technology designed to break down mercaptans and other organosulfur compounds, including hydrogen sulfide. This safe and biodegradable formula will completely eliminate the source of odors on any surface.