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New Name and Look, Same Performance and Reliability for Welker Lubrication System

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Welker Celebrates the OIP’s 25th Anniversary With a Rebrand

Sugar Land, Texas – 21 June 2021 – In keeping with its history of and commitment to designing quality innovative equipment, Welker, Inc. today reveals the OIP Oil Injection Pump has been rebranded as the Oiler Small Volume Chemical Injection System.

The OIP—a “Welker Original”—was developed as a cost-saving solution to a common gas industry problem: periodic gas meter bearing lubrication. Before the OIP was on the market, gas companies with turbine meters in remote locations had to send technicians out regularly to oil the meter bearings to prevent mechanical friction. Though it was time consuming and labor intensive, bearing lubrication had to be done consistently to protect the meter and maintain its accuracy.

Since 1995, many of these gas companies have trusted Welker’s OIP to automatically deliver a small fixed volume of lubricating oil to meter bearings. With properly lubricated bearings, their meters have been spinning at the correct rate for extended periods, keeping their gas flow measurements accurate and saving them time and money. After decades of success in the field, the OIP deserved a name and look to reflect that.

The Oiler Small Volume Chemical Injection System delivers the functionality and operation customers know and expect from the OIP in a more user‑friendly and aesthetically pleasing package. Now housed in a polycarbonate enclosure, the Oiler is even more compact and lightweight. The clear clover allows for easy on-site monitoring of regulator pressure and lubricating oil volume, and with a top-entry oil reservoir, lubricating oil can be added without opening the enclosure.

To learn more, please contact Welker, Inc. at sales@welker.com or 281-491-2331.

At Welker, Inc., we’ve been manufacturing ideas since 1954. A world-class manufacturer based in Sugar Land, Texas, USA, Welker is a proven leader in sampling equipment and smart odorization systems. As evidenced by its more than 80 patents and numerous “Welker Original” solutions, such as the CleanFlow™ Instrument Grade Natural Gas Conditioning Systems, Welker values innovation. That’s why the company is evolving with the energy industry by providing decarbonization solutions, like its hydrogen injection system for blending applications, and why Welker is eager to be your go-to manufacturer to bring your ideas to life. Learn more at https://welker.com/.

For additional information, contact Marketing Manager Katrina Catral at 281-207-2018 or katrina.catral@welker.com.

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