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The Smell of Success: Neutralize and Trap the Stench of Odorant With the MerCapture™ Kit

WELKER > News > The Smell of Success: Neutralize and Trap the Stench of Odorant With the MerCapture™ Kit

Confidently Convey Odorizer Parts With Welker’s Newest Product

Sugar Land, Texas – 11 January 2021 – Welker, Inc. today introduces the MerCapture™ Kit, an odor containment case and kit that includes everything a service technician needs to deodorize and return odorizer parts contaminated by odorants inside a portable, shipping-friendly case.

Odorization systems have been developed to continuously and consistently inject an odorant such as mercaptan into natural gas pipelines to ensure that natural gas, which is naturally colorless and odorless, is readily detectable by a person with a normal sense of smell. The pungent smell of odorant is what alerts the public to natural gas leaks, but it’s also what complicates odorizer maintenance.

“The natural gas industry has needed an effective way to ship equipment that has a stench after being exposed to odorant,” said Stephen Sams, PE, Welker’s Director of Business – Odorization.

With this need in mind, Buyer Sadek Kirolos partnered with Sams and the Welker Service department to develop a solution that would benefit everyone involved in transporting contaminated odorizer parts. The MerCapture™ Kit is the result of extensive industry knowledge and customer field testing.

Thanks to Welker’s OdorXice™ Plus odorant remover and the multi-layered containment system of the MerCapture™ Kit, service technicians and carriers alike can confidently convey contaminated odorizer parts.

To learn more, please contact Welker, Inc. at sales@welker.com or 281-491-2331.

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