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Welker Adds New High Capacity Relief Valves to Its Instrumentation Portfolio

WELKER > News > Welker Adds New High Capacity Relief Valves to Its Instrumentation Portfolio

RV-110 Series Reliefs Have a 10% Overpressure Relief Capacity 

Sugar Land, Texas – 18 January 2021 – Welker, Inc. today expands its portfolio of instrumentation products to include the RV-110 series Relief Valves. Designed with ASME standards in mind, these stainless-steel safety devices protect high capacity gas instrumentation.  

Instruments require protection from overpressure events that could cause damageRelief valves serve as the last line of defense, opening to relieve excess pressure until pressure returns to a normal level. The RV-110 series reliefs have an overpressure relief capacity of 10% of set pressure. By reaching full open at lower pressures than other relief valves, RV-110 series reliefs protect not only the instrument they are installed to, but also connected downstream instruments. 

There are currently two models in this series: the RV-110A and the RV-110V. Both have spring range options so the user can select and set the best spring for the application and to meet safety requirements. RV-110A reliefs vent to atmosphere and are intended for non-hazardous gas applications. For hazardous gas applications or sites that disallow venting to atmosphere, RV-110V reliefs have a ½” FNPT port to connect to discharge piping. 

To learn more, please contact Welker, Inc. at sales@welker.com or 281-491-2331.

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