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It’s H2igh Time: Welker’s New Instrument Regulator is Compatible With Hydrogen

WELKER > News > It’s H2igh Time: Welker’s New Instrument Regulator is Compatible With Hydrogen

The Lightweight, Adaptable ISPE Can be Used Across the Hydrogen Value Chain

Sugar Land, Texas – 26 October 2021 – In an effort to evolve with and support the changing energy industry, Welker, Inc. today announces the expansion of its I-Series Instrument Regulators to include the hydrogen-compatible ISPE model. It is the third new product added to Welker’s instrumentation portfolio this year and the fourth new product launched since 2020 designed to help companies and utilities reach net-zero targets.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, hydrogen gas (H2) is an energy carrier that can be produced from fossil fuels, biomass, or by electrolysis. Government agencies, research institutes, universities, and companies have been leading the development and implementation of hydrogen production, storage, and conversion into electricity to diversify the global energy mix. In a fuel cell, hydrogen cleanly and efficiently produces electricity with only heat and water as byproducts, making this scalable technology a desirable option for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction.

The ISPE is a cost-effective, standalone piston-sensing instrument regulator suitable for air and light gases and can be used in applications across the hydrogen value chain. Due to its compact, lightweight construction and flexible port configuration, the ISPE is adaptable to a variety of installations, including onboard hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (HFCEVs). Because the pressure requirements and capacity of pneumatic instruments can vary widely, Welker designed the ISPE with three flow coefficient options and four pressure control ranges. The ISPE has an easy outlet pressure adjustment and a locknut to prevent the spring setting from changing due to vibration and ensure a constant outlet pressure.

To learn more, please contact Welker, Inc. at sales@welker.com or 281-491-2331.

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