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Welker’s Newest Liquid Eliminator Reduces Maintenance Time Fivefold

WELKER > News > Welker’s Newest Liquid Eliminator Reduces Maintenance Time Fivefold

The LE-5 Features a Threaded Housing Cap and Disturbed Flow Path for Efficient Liquid Removal

Sugar Land, Texas – 10 November 2020 – Welker, Inc. today added the LE-5 to its LE series of liquid eliminators, which protect sensitive analytical equipment by removing free liquids from natural gas samples.

Welker’s Liquid Eliminators are known for their superior liquid removal capabilities and are used worldwide in natural gas sample conditioning systems. In all LE series models, filter elements and centripetal force work together to separate contaminants from the gas stream and drain them from the unit, preventing them from reaching and damaging the downstream analyzer. The new LE-5 model improves upon this tried and true design for an enhanced user experience and added liquid protection.

“The LE-5 is Welker’s first Liquid Eliminator with a threaded housing cap,” said Jim Klentzman, Welker’s Technical Expert for Refinery and Light Liquid Applications. “The screw-on cap reduces the number of tools and steps required for standard maintenance. Because you don’t have to disconnect any tubing for standard maintenance, you can maintain the LE-5 in about 5 minutes, which is a significant improvement over other styles and models.”

In addition to the threaded housing cap, the LE-5 boasts a more disturbed internal flow path. Instead of impinging directly upon the filter elements, the sample stream must first deflect off the Welker DropCap™ Liquid Guard in the liquid separation chamber.

“Impeded by the DropCap™, free liquids and aerosols are encouraged to coalesce and fall out of the sample stream before reaching the filter elements,” Klentzman said.

To learn more, please contact Welker, Inc. at sales@welker.com or 281-491-2331.

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