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The Welker F-19 Filter Dryer is designed to filter and dry natural gas to prepare it for use as an instrument supply.

As gas flows through the F-19, water, aerosols, odorant, and liquid hydrocarbons are removed by the filter media, thus cleaning and drying the gas for use by downstream pneumatic controllers or other instruments.


F-19 Filter Dryer
Materials of ConstructionBuna, Carbon Steel, PTFE
Connection Options1/4" FNPT
1/2" FNPT
Flow RateUp to 50 scfm
Max Allowable Temperature200 °F
Nominal Filter Rating3 Microns
Operating PressureStandard: 1500 psig MAOP @ -20°F to 100°F
HP: 3000 psig MAOP @ -20°F to 100°F
Filter Media Options100% Silica Gel (Standard)
2/3 Silica Gel, 1/3 Activated Charcoal
50% Silica Gel, 50% Sulfur-Gon
75% Silica Gel, 25% Activated Charcoal
100% Activated Charcoal
100% Sulfur-Gon